Making scales on EVA foam
I’m toga my dear izuku!! 😜 Toga himiko from my hero academia
Glitter!!!!!!! I used some plastidip glitter spraypaint to add a little extra shine to my star Guardian Syndra skirt! :3 cause Star guardians can never have enough glitter

Just watched infinity war for a second time and damn it was good. I have such a need to make the new black widow ❤️

I have never made a full movie cosplay before, so this will be my first and I want it to be like perfect and as accurate as I can make it so it will definitely be a long term one, but maybe by the end of the year I can get her done? maybe. I don’t wanna rush 😂

No spoilers for anyone plz!!!!

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My dark magician girl parts that are complete!! Thank you to Eric for modeling and printing my staff for me ❤️ Full tutorial will be available on patreon! Only a few days left to sign up! Don’t miss out! I’ll also be doing dark magician girl prints!!

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FINALLY!!! Be sure to get your tutorials by the end of the month while we have this offer!

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Here's my first photo of Gatomon from the shoot yesterday!

Photo by Eric Solomon

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Cosplay glow up!

4 years apart and almost the exact same materials used. The only difference is time, I learnt to sew better, poser better, do makeup better and correctly tailor cosplays for my body I’m so much happier with this cosplay now and I’m glad I came back to it!

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Just finished doing photos of my Gatomon 💜

Wig from Arda Wigs
Costume inspired by Jessica Nigri’s litten

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She’s done💜 My redone Gatomon cosplay!! I used almost the exact same materials as I did when I originally made this cosplay many years ago, only thing that changed was experience! I’ve been wanting to remake this for so long I’m so happy i got to do it!

Super inspired by Jessica Nigri’s litten cosplay💜 cause it was just so damn cute!

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Sorry for the lack of new finished photos guys! Just been playing catch up. Here's some Adepta Sororitas In the meantime

Photo by Eric He also modeled and printed the bolter for me

Wig from Arda Wigs

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Screeeeeeee Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay designed this incredible Mega Gnar and I cant wait to make it 😭❤️ this is so damn cool!!! One of my cosplays for AX this year!!❤️ thank you so much girl I’m so excited to make one of your designs!!! I’m starting this as soon as I’m done Magician girl!

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Thanks to everyone who came and hung out today!!! I’m sorry I didn’t manage to finish but I had a lot of fun! Here’s what we made today!❤️ My hoodie and gloves for Gatomon

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Hoodie is done time to make the paws!!

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Dark magician girl staff and armor are almost done! Just need to do some casting for gems and shading!

Eric 3D printed the staff for me and I put it together and built the bracers from foam and the neck piece from worbla. Painted with airbrush and acrylic paint!!

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Working on dark magician girl now! come hangout this Friday eve / morning 😜

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Gonna try stream tonight for dark magician girl probably gonna do some painting and airbrushing

This weekend we are doing a crafting marathon for Gatomon! Make sure you set your alarms and come hangout ;D It's gonna be intense! Making the cosplay from start to finish. Raw materials into full costume and makeup in a day!

Photo by Cos We Play Project

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