Star Guardian Syndra Cosplay Tutorial Pack (PDF)



This tutorial pack will show you how I made my Star Guardian Syndra cosplay from league of legends. This tutorial pack comes with a booklet explaining how I made the costume, including how I made Syndra headpiece, how I patterned and sewed her shirt and skirt as well as how I cast her gems.

Techniques Demonstrated:

Sewing – making a pleates skirt
Sewing for syndra’s top and accessories

Cleaning up 3d prints
Casting gems
Making gold foam edging
Making a wig frame for the headpiece.

Download contains:

SG Syndra Making of PDF – 32 pages total

SG Syndra Wallpaper (1080p)

3D files for the helmet and gems available here :

Star Guardian Syndra (3D Print Files)


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