Star Guardian Syndra (3D Print Files)



Includes the Star Guardian Syndra headdress, the leg gem and casing as well as the skirt’s decorative kite shapes.



These files are for non-commercial use only.

They are not to be used for mass production purposes,

and files are not to be resold or distributed under any circumstances.

Please and thank you.

Feel free to contact Eric at for questions or enquires.



Parts have been oriented to ideal print orientations. Please feel free to

request extra slices or other alterations if needed 🙂

Full wings have been included in case you want to take a swing at printing them,

however I do think the wings that are split in 2 are a much easier print.

Filament : PLA suggested as seams will warp less so there’ll be less cleanup.

If you coat the print in layers of primer/XTC-3D it should be stronger

ABS will be fine too, but a bit more work might go into

filling the seams between pieces in case of warping.

Layer Height : 0.15mm suggested

Supports : Only headress_gem_casing, centre_spike_L, centre_spike_R and

back_deco should require supports from the build platform

Brim : I’d suggest all parts print with 10 or more brim outlines to

prevent misprints due to warping


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