Mega Gnar Cosplay Tutorial Pack (PDF + Video)



This tutorial pack will show you how I made my Mega Gnar cosplay designed by Gladzy kei originally from League of Legends. The pack includes a tutorial book where I explain the entire process involved in making the costume including how to make gnars orc tusks, how to make the giant ears, how I did all the details in the hair and all over the costume and how we made my tail and hands. The pack also comes with a video on how to make my gnar monster feet.

Techniques Demonstrated:

Working with fur
Working with worbla deco art
Making tusks
How to make ears
Roving wool to make dreadlocks and braids for wigs
EVA foam work

Download contains:

Making of PDF booklet – 29 pages
Gnar skull template
Feet Template
Tail Template
Ear template
Desktop Wallpaper (1080p)
Editing timelapse
Mega gnar feet tutorial – 6min


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