Kindred Cosplay Tutorial Pack (PDF + Video)



This tutorial pack will show you how I made my kindred cosplay from League of Legends. I made both Lamb and Wolf, so each character has their own tutorial booklet and there is a mini booklet showing how I made the bow. There is also a video tutorial on how to make the kindred masks which have LED’s in them.

Techniques Demonstrated:

Basic Sewing for Leotards
Working with fur, cutting, shaving and dying
Using roving wool to create headpieces
Making animal feet – paws and hooves
EVA foam masks + Fake Wood Engraving
Making ears – Wolf and Lamb ears
Basic LED work in the masks
Using Insulation foam board for props

Download contains:

Making of Wolf PDF – 12 pages total
Making of Kindreds Bow PDF – 4 pages total
Bow Template PDF
Kindred Masks tutorial video – 33 min long


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