Dark Magician Girl Cosplay Tutorial Pack (PDF + Video)



This tutorial pack will show you how I made my dark magician girl cosplay from Yu-gi-oh! The pack includes a tutorial book where I explain every step of the process involved in making the costume including how to cast gems, how to make her oversized shoes and a bit about making EVA foam armor as well as various other techniques. There is also a video tutorial on how to make Dark Magician girl’s hat, from patterning to adding the finishing touches.

Techniques Demonstrated:

Wig styling
Casting resin gems
Working with EVA foam – For armor and in clothing.
Cleaning up 3D prints
EVA foam masks + Fake Wood Engraving
Basic Sewing
Making foam and leather edging
Covering EVA foam in fabric.
Pattern making for EVA foam

Download contains:

Making of PDF booklet – 25 pages total
Shoe Template
Hat Template
Hat Video Tutorial – 7 min
Desktop Wallpaper (1080P)

The 3D model for the Dark Magician girl staff is also available here


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