ANDROID 21 Dragon Ball Z   Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : In 2017 I received an invitation to compete at the MAGIC international cosplay masters competition in Monaco.  I had never competed at an international competition before so this was super exciting for me and I knew I had to try make something epic! For months I agonized over what I wanted to make for the event, I knew I
ANDROID 21 Dragon Ball Z Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : I had wanted to make Android 21 for a while but when they released her evil “majin” form I knew I had to cosplay her immediately! I love doing double versions of characters so being able to do a good and evil version of her got me really excited!  Making of: To make my C21 cosplay I sewed my own
Gatomon Digimon   About : Gatomon is a costume I have actually made twice! I originally made the cosplay back in 2014, I had very little knowledge of sewing at the time so it wasn’t a very neat cosplay and it fell a bit flat. I tried my best to make my own design for the character, I wanted it to be cute with a cat ear hoodie, big paws and some white shorts and
XAYAH League of Legends Click HERE for the full cosplay tutorial!   About : When Xayah was released I immediately knew I wanted to make this costume, I dropped everything I was doing and got to work on her immediately, It was an interesting cosplay to make, I ended up trying a lot of things I’d never done before like making her bird feet and fake feathers. Making of: My Xayah cosplay was an interesting
Here’s a little bit more about how I did my Raven and Starfire cosplays! Raven’s Belt : Raven’s belt is a series of red gems in gold casings which is strung along a gold rope. To make the best I decided the best method would be to cast both the gems and the gem casings! So I started off by first making a mold for my gems. In order to make a mold you first